Google Slides Review for Order of Operations and Whole Numbers {5th Grade}

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This resource is a paperless review in Google Slides for Unit 1: Order of Operations and Whole Numbers and is intended to be used with Google Classroom™. Your students will have the opportunity to both practice the skills from this unit, as well as get more exposure to typing, adding different mathematical symbols into Slides (exponents, mathematical operations, and grouping symbols), and becoming more comfortable with technology, specifically Google.

The resource is meant to be sent out to your students as one whole presentation, but you can also choose to make copies of the file, delete some slides, and send it out to your students a few skills at a time. (It’s up to you!)

This resource is aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence Unit 1: Order of Operations and Whole Numbers. It is also aligned with Common Core.

Standards included: 5.OA.1, 5.OA.2, 5.NBT.1, 5.NBT.2, 5.NBT.5, 5.NBT.6

What You Get

  • 11 Slides in a Google Slides™ presentation for student use
  • A PDF with directions and an ANSWER KEY
  • A tutorial video on how to use the product and implement it in Google Classroom™

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