Dividing Fractions Resource Pack {Digital}

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This digital pack is used to teach Dividing Fractions.
Each mini-lesson includes a set of notes with a couple of sample problems for students to complete. This is great for whole group mini-lessons to introduce each skill.
Then, as students become comfortable with it, you can send them to independently complete the practice activities. Assess their understanding beyond this with the exit tickets in Google Forms.

Once you have taught each skill, you can use the quiz provided to assess your students’ retention and figure out what you may need to reteach or extend for each student.

Standard: 5.NF.7

This resource is also included in a 5th Grade Math Year-Long Curriculum Bundle.

**The section on dividing fractions by fractions is not part of the 5th Grade Standards. It’s a great extension for students who have mastered the 5th Grade standards for dividing fractions and whole numbers (with unit fractions). The notes on word problems have two versions: one with dividing fractions by fractions and one without.

What You Get

Fraction Notes Pages
  • Simplifying Fractions (Google Slides)
  • Improper Fraction to Mixed Number  (Google Slides)
Dividing Fractions by Whole Numbers with Visual Models
  • notes slides (Google Slides)
  • sample problems (Google Slides)
  • 2 practice pages (Google Slides)
  • 2 exit tickets (Google Forms)
Dividing Whole Numbers by Fractions with Visual Models
  • notes slides (Google Slides)
  • sample problems  (Google Slides)
  • 2 practice pages (Google Slides)
  • 2 exit tickets (Google Forms)
Dividing Fractions by Fractions Using the Standard Algorithm
  • notes slides (Google Slides)
  • sample problems (Google Slides)
  • 2 practice pages (Google Slides)
  • 2 exit tickets (Google Forms)
Dividing Fractions with Word Problems
  • notes slides – *the last slide of notes is dividing fractions by fractions (which is a 6th grade standard) – this is a bonus, but you can simply delete that slide before assigning it to your students.
  • sample problems (Google Slides)
  • 1 practice (Google Slides)
  • 2 exit tickets (Google Forms)
  • Dividing Fractions Quiz (assess all skills) - (Google Forms)

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