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This interactive digital place value chart will allow your students to practice skills pertaining to number sense. This can be used on a smartboard to use during whole group instruction or it can be assigned to students in Google Classroom so that they have their own individual charts to use.

Students will use the chart to create numbers, manipulate numbers, compare values of numbers as well as digits and see different aspects of the place value chart, such as the increase and decrease in powers of ten from one place to the next.

There are 7 levels of charts from whole numbers to whole numbers and decimals, each with 5 different versions.

***Watch My Preview Video or click here to see how the interactive slides work.****

***I will be turning my 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, and 5th Grade Place Value Activities resources into digital options. Please check back for these updates. You can still access the paper versions of these resources below***

Resources to use with this product:

What You Get

You will receive the following place value variations:
  • hundred millions to thousandths
  • millions to thousandths
  • hundred thousands to thousandths
  • hundred millions to ones
  • millions to ones
  • hundred thousands to ones
  • thousands to ones

Each of the place value charts listed above comes in the following formats:
  • single place value chart with x10 and /10 symbols
  • double place value chart with x10 and /10 symbols
  • single place value chart without x10 and /10 symbols
  • double place value chart without x10 and /10 symbols
  • double place value chart with comparison option


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