Write Expressions Resource Pack {Digital}

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This FREE digital resource pack has everything you need to teach your students to write and interpret word and numerical expressions: detailed notes, practice, exit tickets, and a quiz.

This resource is also included in a 5th Grade Math Year-Long Curriculum Bundle.

Standard: 5.OA.2

What You Get:
5.OA.2 Operations Vocabulary
  • notes pages (one with vocabulary words and one that is blank and fillable) – Google Slides
5.OA.2 Write words to match the numerical expression
  • detailed notes (Google Slides)
  • sample problems (Google Slides)
5.OA.2. Write numerical expressions to match the words
  • detailed notes (Google Slides)
  • sample problems (Google Slides)
Mixed Practice
  • 2 practice activities (Google Slides)
  • 6 exit tickets (Google Slides)
Write Expressions Quiz (Google Forms)

Answer keys included.

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