Santa's Christmas Shopping Spree {Digital and Printable}

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This engaging activity has students show their understanding of decimal operations with a fun Christmas theme. Students will be adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals to solve various problems.
A digital and printable version is included.

Standard:  5.NBT.7
In this activity, Santa's toy shop loses electricity and he must purchase some remaining Christmas toys from a store. Your students must calculate how much it will cost for him to purchase them. (decimal multiplication) In addition, they will calculate sales tax on the items and answer several word problems.

There are additional activities added in that are more rigorous to challenge your students and further review for some of your students who are still working on mastering these skills. These items include calculating gas mileage and costs (decimal division), the amount of time it will take to get there given different speeds, etc. (decimal division), and the difference in cost between some of the toys (decimal subtraction)

Differentiate: Assign some or all of the pages to your students, depending on how much of a challenge they need.

These activities can be done together as a culminating project for Numbers in Base Ten, or as separate activities for different levels of students. You can also have students complete “Tallying Toys” and “Calculating Costs” and then set the other activities out as centers.

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