Multiplication {Printable Resource}

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This resource includes everything you need to teach multi-digit multiplication using the standard algorithm, area models, and partial products.
This resource is also included in a 5th Grade Math Year-Long Curriculum Bundle.

Intended Grade Level: 5th Grade
(can be used for 4th grade enrichment or 6th grade intervention)

Standard: 5.NBT.5

3 mini-lessons are included to teach multiplication.

Each mini-lesson introduces students to a different multiplication strategy:
  • standard algorithm
  • area model
  • partial products

What You Get

Each of the 3 mini-lessons includes the following:
  • detailed notes
  • the notes have several versions, introducing additional digits each time (slowly introduce each one, or pick and choose which notes to use with your class)
  • whole group practice questions to go with the notes (perfect for whole group instruction or guided practice)
  • 4 pages for independent practice
  • 1 page of independent practice with word problems
  • 3 homework pages
  • 4 exit tickets
  • Task Tents™️ for a review of all strategies
  • A quiz to assess mastery.
  • *The quiz does not have instructions to use a specific strategy. This allows students to use the strategy they feel most comfortable with. You can give them specific directions to use a particular strategy if you would like to assess each strategy.*

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