Volumeville: A Hands-on Project for Volume

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This product will have your students out of their seats, working together, and showing their creativity to create a 3D city/village.

Volumeville has students tasked with creating a community with a specific total volume. They will be challenged to use nets to create both rectangular prisms as well as composite rectangular prisms to build their city.

In addition to building a 3D city, students will create a key in which they will illustrate each building from their city along with its length, width, height, and volume so that they can continue to display their knowledge of calculating volume.

  • 5.MD.4
  • 5.MD.5a
  • 5.MD.5b
  • 5.MD.5c

What You Get

  • Detailed teacher directions for using this product with or without the Google Classroom option (screenshots of how the assignment may look in Google Classroom, etc.)
  • student directions sheet
  • student checklist
  • project grading rubric
  • A Google docs version of the student directions sheet
  • Detailed student directions (audio link included in the directions for students with read-aloud accommodations) in Google Docs with a sample of the grading rubric for students to see
  • Volumeville Key Template in Google Slides - for students who may need pre-formatting or guidance in creating their slides
  • Example of a past Volumeville Key that students can reference
  • Project grading rubric in Google Sheets – simply add in the values for each grading area and it will calculate a grade for you!

Digital Option

If your school is 1:1 with technology, or you're in the middle of virtual teaching for distance learning, you can use the Google Classroom version of this product.

You can assign student directions with the Google doc provided, which also has an audio component so that students can hear the directions being read to them.

A pre-formatted Google Slides template is available for students to create their Volumeville Key (they can also create their own from scratch) as well as an example they can preview of what a key could look like.

Grade all projects with the digital project rubric included. This rubric will be assigned to all students so that all you have to do is fill in the values. It’s even formatted to total up all the points while you enter them! Save yourself some time!

Your students will be actively engaged as they work together to meet the challenge of making their project exactly 2,000 cubic cm and get even more experience using technology if they use the Google version of it to create a digital key.

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