Geometry Notes Pack {5.G.3 & 5.G.4}

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**This resource is part of a Geometry Bundle**

This resource includes student notes for 5th Grade Geometry. It is suggested that the notes are copied two to a page so that they can be placed in students' composition books to use as a reference and study guide.

This resource also digital versions of student pages in Google Slides so that students can have access through Google Classroom for distance learning.

This product is aligned with the Georgia Standards of Excellence and Common Core State Standards for Geometry:

Standards Included:  5.G.3 and 5.G.4

Download the preview file to see examples.

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What You Get

Detailed Student Notes
  • Two versions of polygon notes (notes that have students record the names and number of sides, angles, and vertices for triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, and decagon)
  • Triangle notes (3 pages)
  • Lines and Angles notes - parallel, perpendicular lines, right angle
  • Quadrilateral Hierarchy Notes - 2 versions: one using the hierarchy that has trapezoid classified as inclusive, and one that classifies trapezoid as exclusive.
  • Each quadrilateral version includes 3 different notes pages:
  • a hierarchy of the names and attributes
  • a hierarchy of diagrams
  • a hierarchy checklist

Digital Version
  • All notes above come in two forms:
  • notes in Google Slides that students can receive to use as a reference (these are the same as the ones that are printable)
  • notes in Google Slides that have text boxes for students to fill in vocabulary words

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