Fraction Line Plot Pack {Printable}

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This printable resource pack contains everything you need to teach Fraction Line Plots:

  • detailed notes
  • student practice
  • 4 sets of differentiated task cards
Standard:  5.MD.2

This resource is also part of my 5th Grade Math Year-Long Curriculum Bundle.

What You Get

 2 Mini-Lessons

 Plotting Fractions on a Line

  • Notes Page on Setting Up a Fraction Line Plot
  • Notes on Interpreting the Information to Answer Questions
  • Practice page: Blades of Grass

 Plotting Fractions on a Line Using Equivalent Fractions

  • Notes Pages
  • Practice Activity: Bag of Nuts
  • Independent Practice Activity: Walking 

Task Cards

  • (4 Sets) for Differentiation and Centers

Introduce line plots with fractions with the instructional pages:

  • the first set is for plotting on a line that does not require students to make equivalent fractions on the plot (and one practice page)
  • the second set explains how to plot fractions on a line that does require equivalent fractions (and 2 practice pages)

Use the differentiated (color-coded) task cards to allow for student practice and assessment. You can split your class up by mastery, use them in small groups, etc. Students are given a story problem and have to plot the data provided on a line plot, then answer 8 task card questions about the line plot.

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