4th Grade Digital Place Value Activities

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This product includes digital activities to help your students with place value and numbers in base ten. Whether you're teaching place value with technology in the classroom or virtually from home, this resource will help your students interact with numbers. Great for distance learning!

Skills Covered
  • 4.NBT.1 Place Value
  • 4.NBT.2 Reading, Writing, and Comparing Numbers
  • 4.NBT.3 Rounding
  • 4.NBT.4 Addition and Subtraction

What You Get

  • 42 Google Slides Activities
  • Tutorial Video and Tutorial Slides for Rounding using the Interactive Place Value Chart
  • Answer Keys for all activities

How You Can Use the Activities

Face-to-Face Instruction (in the classroom)
If you (the teacher) are conducting a whole group or small group lesson, have students take turns creating their numbers on a large interactive smartboard. As a student works on the smartboard, other students can work on their own devices at their seats.

Digital Instruction

If you are teaching remotely/virtually outside of the classroom, this activity can be done:

- live in whole group or small groups during a Zoom Meeting or Google Meet
  • Assign the slides to each student in the class and have them pull their copy up on their device. You can pop into their slides to check their progress as they work
  • Assign one copy of the slides file to the class (do not make a copy for each student) and let students take turns on just one place value chart (this could be a bit overwhelming with many students in the same file, but could work in smaller groups
- as an assignment
  • Create an assignment in Google Classroom (or any other compatible platforms that work with Slides) and have students complete the activity and turn it in

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