Order of Operations Grouping Symbols - Printable Pack

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This packet will help your students learn how to solve expressions using the order of operations, particularly with grouping symbols: parentheses, brackets, and braces.

Notes pages are included to help your students slowly go through the steps, adding one grouping symbol at a time. Each step of added grouping symbols comes with practice pages, homework, morning work, and exit tickets. Printing tips are included to help you turn these into notes for your students' composition books.

Standards included:   5.OA.1 (Georgia Standards of Excellence and Common Core)

What You Get

In EACH section:
  • 3 notes pages (one for parentheses, one for brackets, one for braces)
  • EACH set of notes comes with:
  • 2 practice pages
  • 2 homework pages
  • 2 morning work pages
  • 2 exit tickets

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