This digital and printable resource pack contains everything you need to teach Order of Operations with Grouping symbols: parentheses, brackets, and braces (standard 5.OA.1): detailed notes, student practice pages, practice, morning work, homework, and exit tickets.

Your pacing can be determined by how quickly your class is mastering each set of grouping symbols, but I typically spend 1 or 2 days on each set, gradually having them add a new grouping symbol in as they get familiar with the order of operations. Use the exit tickets to determine mastery.

What You Get:

3 Mini-Lessons:

  • Order of Operations with Parentheses ( )
  • Order of Operations with Brackets [ ]
  • Order of Operations with Braces { }

Digital Version:

  • Notes and Practice in Google Slides
  • Tutorial Videos included in each mini-lesson
  • Exit Tickets and Quiz in Google Forms

What's Included in EACH Mini-lesson:

  • detailed notes
  • 2 practice pages
  • 2 homework pages
  • 2 morning work pages
  • 2 exit tickets